Amana Tool HMA-12 Solid Carbide 4 Cutting Edges Insert Replacement Knife for MDF, Chipboard, Solid Surface 12 x 12 x 1.5mm

Amana Tool

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Product Overview

Type MDF, Chipboard, Solid Surface

New grades now available for different material types such as softwood/ hardwood MDF/solid surface and micro-finish for general purpose. Has a 35° bevel.

Advantages of Insert Tooling:

- Long lasting insert knives provide superior smooth quality cuts every time

- Quick and precise replacements of dull knives

- Due to insert accuracy tool life is extended

- Insert tooling allows for harder grades of carbide

- Special carbide grades for special applications

- Knives can be re-sharpened multiple times without affecting the original profile

- Cost effective solution compared to replacing brazed router bits