Spindle Moulder


For 25 years Robland has gained experience in building sturdy, high quality and highly reliable, yet affordable spindle moulders. All Robland spindle moulders are being developed and manufactured at their factory located in Bruges, Belgium.

On all our actual range of spindle moulders machines, the topcover runs on ergonomic linear guides for easy referencing and increased precision. Handwheels with mechanical counters ensure the exact positioning of topcover and fences. The iron cast tables have a scraped surface to ensure a very high degree of flatness. Microgrooves have been applied for easy gliding of the wooden work piece on the cast iron table.

There is for sure a machine that fits both you needs and your budget. Find out more by clicking on one of the pictures below.

Spindle moulder machine are commonly used to trim and shape wood to make it ideal for various uses such as in doors, shutters, windows, frames, etc.

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