Robland KT30 Pro Spindle Moulder with Long Table


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KT30 Pro Long Table
185.00 KGS

Product Overview

Roblands latest ecompact spindle moulder, available in single phase & three phase. Optional Long table, heavy duty fence & tenoning table. Spindle molders trim and shape wood. They also increase precision to reduce setup time.

  • Optional longer table with support beam
  • Voltage 230 V single phase / 3 X 230 V / 3 x 400 V
  • Motorpower single phase (S6) 2,2Kw / 3hp mono
  • Motorpower three phase (S6) 3,7 kW / 5hp
  • Diameter & height of table opening 179 x 60 mm
  • Maximum tool diameter 180 mm – requires optional motor break
  • Spindle length 122 mm
  • Spindle stroke 140 mm
  • Spindle diameter 30 mm (option 50 mm)
  • Spindle rotation speed 3000 / 6000 / 7500 / 10000 RPM
  • Dust extraction 100 mm
  • Standard Heavy steel table prepared to receive optional feeder
  • Electrical connector for optional feeder
  • Spindle rotation both clock- and counterclock wise

Warranty Information

The machine(s) purchased is (are) under warranty cover of its (their) components excluding electrical components and consumable parts for 12 months (if installed by GDX Equip-approved engineers) or 3 months (if installed by Customer) from date of pick-up/delivery. Damaged parts under normal use and maintenance but outside normal wear and tear within the warranty period will be provided at no cost. Please note Customer bears cost of pick-up/delivery and installation of any replacement part under warranty.